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Our packages


One scene consisting of two-minutes. This is perfect for inexperienced actors who want to promote themselves right away, or for actors who want to add to their old reel with a high-quality scene.


This is for actors who want to step up their game with more production value. This consists of three different scenes that put the actor in three different scenarios. Here, casting directors can get a better feel for your talent.


This is for actors who want to show a wide range of skills. We'll place you in four different scenarios with enough screen time to fill a complete two minute long actor’s demo reel, including three professional headshots by one of our pro photographers. You will get a complete actor’s demo reel, professionally edited with industry standards and ready for you to submit anywhere.

Our Process


Step 1: Consultation

Let’s have a chat. We’d like to learn more about you as an actor and how we can make your vision come to life.


Step 2: Script

We'll provide an original scene specifically written to showcase your talent as an actor. 


Step 3: Preproduction

We'll begin to put together all the elements for your scene and design the production set. In the meantime, you'll be provided with an acting coach that will assist you in bringing out your best performance.


Step 4: Let's shoot!

Our production crew will prep and shoot your scene in HD 4K cinematic or commercial standards. You are the star, and as such, you’ll have access to a professional make-up artist, and an on-set acting coach to guide you all the way.


Step 5: Cutting your reel

Our editor will then cut, color-correct and color-grade your scene, including professional dialogue and mixed sound design, and deliver it to you in HD.


Step 6: Joining our family

Once we deliver the scene for your demo reel, we won't leave you hanging... You're not alone! We would like to build a relationship with you, and share tips and marketing strategies to get the best out of your demo reel.

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