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This is for actors who want to show a wide range of skills. We’ll place you in four different scenarios with enough screen time to fill a complete two minute long actor’s demo reel, including three professional headshots by one of our pro photographers. You will get a complete actor’s demo reel, professionally edited with industry standards and ready for you to submit anywhere.

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Showcase your acting range like a pro!

  • 4 scenes from our stellar repertoire of scripts.

  • 3 pro headshots.

  • 2-minute full demo reel edited with actor's info.

  • Script (2 pages per scene)

  • In house casting partners.

  • 60-85% Dialogue

  • 60-minutes on set (per scene)

  • PreProduction meeting & design

  • Actor coaching (Can't beat this!)

  • Makeup artist (Yes! Your own Makeup artist on set)

  • Production team & location

  • Pro-sound mix (score & dialogue)

  • Color correct/ color grade

  • 4K production

  • HD delivery

  • Access to our growing community

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