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This is for actors who want to step up their game with more production value. This consists of three different scenes that put the actor in three different scenarios. Here, casting directors can get a better feel for your talent.

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More acting range in different genres.

  • 3 scenes from our stellar repertoire of scripts.

  • Script (2 pages per scene)

  • In house casting partners.

  • 60-85% Dialogue

  • 60-minutes on set (per scene)

  • PreProduction meeting & design

  • Actor coaching (You can't beat this deal!)

  • Makeup artist (Yes! Your own Makeup artist on set)

  • Production team & location

  • Pro-sound mix (score & dialogue)

  • Color correct/ color grade

  • 2-minute scenes

  • 4K production

  • HD delivery

  • Access to our growing community

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