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Create Your Reel

We write, design and film the perfect scene for your demo reel.

A captivating reel

Having a professional reel is sure to give you an edge, allowing yourself a seat at the table with industry professionals. Consider it to be a worthwhile investment that will become a game changer in positioning yourself for a growing career.


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Examples of our work

Anibal Romero (Detective Cruz - The Question)
Reynaldo Romero (Mel - Baby Shoes)
Ericka Santiago (Detective - La Atraccion Fatal)
Javier Garcia (Max - Her Dad)
Charlie Collins (Mayor - Dirty Politics)
Carina Castagna (Gina - The Look)
Hariqbal Basi (Lieutenant Kal - Awaken)
Hariqbal Basi (Jay- Man Up)
Karen Victoria (Bartender - A Ladys Drink)
Reynaldo Romero (Paco - Gummy Bears)
Carina Castagna (Casey - Think Of The Beach)
Yessi Hernandez (Carla - Respira)
Sheetal Deo (Dr. Miles - The Attendant)
Tim Eliot (District Attorney-The Wrong Man)
Crystal Millington (Rio Starlight - The Gift)

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